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August 23 , 2013
e-newsletter Issue 4
Must Have iPad App: Air Display
Must Have iPad App

Critical Customer Service Skills You Must Have

Hilltop Herbals Sale


I am in love with a new (new to me!) iPad app! Air Display allows you to add an additional screen to your desktop (PC or Mac) and at $9.99 is far less expensive than a new monitor (available in the iTunes store).

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Hilltop Secretarial Service Coupon good till 9/30/13

New images in the Photography Section
Hilltpp Photography section has many new images and a new store format. Be sure and visit today.

Check out the Fireworks Sets!

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Critical Customer Service Skills You Must Have
Do want to be known as “The Expert” or “The Guru”? Do you want to advance your career and income? If you answered yes to both of these questions then you need to become a “Top Performer” in your profession. Whether you are now a Manager, Executive, Consultant, Sales or Service Specialist, then Customer Service skills will be one of the keys to your success. Experience and knowledge in your area of specialty may make you an above average performer, but to be a “Top Performer” start implementing the following 16 Customer Service skills and action items today.

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Recycled Glass Art

New Recycled Glass Art available in the Hilltop Arts section. What a great way to be both creative and green. Perfect for gifts or yourself. Use your imagination, use them for trays, planters, dishes and more! These things are flying out the door so order yours today.

These Dip & Chip dishes are on sale today for 15% off!

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Hilltop Herbals: Migraine Buster Tincture

Finally! An organic, chemical free remedy to help alleviate a migraine after onset. Made of motherwort, skullcap, chamomile, St. John's Wort, and spices.

On sale today for 20% off regular price.

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Client Comment:

"Hiring Kathy was one of the best business decisions I have ever made! From answering the phones to doing research to working on documents, Kathy has completed everything in a timely manner. My clients have made numerous comments on how nice she in on the phone. I would recommend Kathy to anyone looking to expand their business with a Virtual Assistant."
--Janice Russell - Minding Your Matters Organizing

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